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Exceptional Service To Educational Institutions

Cornerstone have won a host of awards for their support to businesses and we only thought it was right to offer our services to the educational sector.

We work closely with primary, secondary, academies, colleges and Universities to offer an exceptional service.

We have accredited Apple & Microsoft Engineers so we can advise, supply, support and train in any environment.

Educational IT Support and Services


Educational IT Support and Services

SIMS/MIS Experts

We are also specialists in MIS Systems and SIMS (School Information Management System), working closely with you to offer SIMS support, training, consultancy and technical services.

So whether you need support or training for your existing MIS or SIMS installation, or wish to investigate the potential benefits these systems can offer your educational facility, contact us today.

Award-Winning Service

Our full range of services allow us to deliver a one call option for all of your technical environments making us the best choice for award winning service and to help your organisation run more efficiently.



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